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Useless Company helps people save money and find sustainable investment options with quantified climate impact. We develop a saving and impact investing app with strict sustainability focus.

More than two thirds of all greenhouse gas emissions come from our everyday consumption choices. That's why saving money literally helps save the planet. Easiest way to help climate is to anti-consume, and invest in sustainability.

We're a Finland-based start-up that aims to empower and encourage people act against climate crisis by saving money and impact investing. We have strong expertise in sustainability and ambitious goals with Useless.

Useless app will be launched first in Finland in 2019. Join our waitlist and we'll keep you tuned! Don't hesitate to ask more if you got interested!

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to make an impact.

Useless Company is founded by a group of environmental scientists. Having our background in research, we know exactly, how much individual people can influence on climate mitigation. Passion for generating a measurable impact is something that we all have in common.

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